Working with our partners and organisations in the UK and across the world, we’re making an impact.

Sharing our impact

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new impact dashboard, bringing to life real examples of how we’re working with our partners and organisations in the UK and across the world.

We’ve been through a year of big growth. While growth is both exciting and at times challenging, what’s kept us going is our commitment to providing high-quality work that supports organisations to deliver better public services.

In 2018, we delivered 78 projects alongside organisations from around the world on some of the most pressing and complex issues facing public services today. From shaping teams and ways of working in central government agencies and local authorities to exploring data innovation in developing countries, we’re making a real difference across the UK and abroad, together.

Our aim continues to be making a real difference to people’s lives, helping people think differently and supporting them to act.

Doing it differently

We’re sharing our impact a little differently. Rather than creating a static report year on year, we’ve launched a reporting dashboard. This isn’t just about reflecting on the impact we’ve had, but about those outcomes continuing to be the central focus of our work.

We want to adapt quickly as things change. Creating a live dashboard allows us the flexibility to update rapidly as new outcomes are achieved. This page will be a living, breathing reflection of our commitment to designing public services for the 21st century and transforming organisations for lasting change with the best possible outcomes for citizens and local communities.

Take a look at how we’re making an impact.

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