An interesting discussion broke out on Twitter about the elephant in the room.

I’d posted the Edelman Trust Barometer infographic about who trusts who.

In short, the person like yourself greatly outranks the chief executive.

It led to a discussion about the merits of having politicians fronting what you have to say. It’s a difficult situation and eight years in local government makes me appreciate the pressures that local government people are under.

But should we stop using politicians across the board?

No. Not at all. Each issue is different. But when real people are involved I’d say the data says the most effective way of getting things shared is when real people feature in it. Call it the Law of Newspapers Covering Festivals. A page of pics of real people enjoying themselves will reach a bigger audience than simply the a pic of the chairperson of the event. Why? Because people will often buy several copies of the paper if they are in it.

I’ve dug out this instagram clip from the Mayor of London’s office that feels like it straddles the gap well.


It’s the real people talking about their football club and how a grant will help. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is in the cutaways and has his logo.

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