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What is content design? And would you like to work in it?

by Joanna Goodwin

Content design is one of the User-Centred Design (UCD) professions in government, alongside service design, graphic design and user research.

Content designers are responsible for creating, updating and reviewing content. They work around the end-to-end user journey and are comfortable using evidence, data and research to inform how content is structured. A content designer contributes to and uses the style guides and design patterns.

Read about the importance of content designers in Government on the GDS blog.

Content Design at the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

At the Office for National Statistics, we have two content designers and are recruiting for more!

Our content designers work in multidisciplinary teams to scope, write, edit, proof, clear and publish content that meets our diverse user needs. They work to ensure the content fits the user journeys and preferences, for a range of channels including the ONS website and online data collection points. They also research, develop and analyse audience insight to ensure all content is effective and constantly evaluated.

Kieran Forde, one of our content designers works on the corporate website to continuously improve statistical outputs including our stats bulletins. He has worked to make statistical bulletins shorter and clearer to the reader so that statistics can be better understood (quite important during an era of ‘fake news’ and uncertainty).  Kieran has worked to not only shorted the amount of content on a page, but to ensure there is clarity in what is being said. Keep up to date with Kieran’s work on our digital blog.

How does this fit with comms?

Many communications professionals working in digital communications love words and would thrive reviewing and improving digital content that makes a real different.

If you are a fellow ‘word nerd’, are passionate about clear written communications, or have a thirst for improving the standards of government content, why not think about a career in Content Design?

Interested in a job?

If you are interested in a content design role, you can find out more about what a content designer does in the DDaT job role profile.

We are currently hiring a content designer for the 2021 Census in ONS (Closing date: 27 Feb 2019). This truly unique work reaches every household and individual in England & Wales, and your work will help shape public policy and service provision for at least a decade. Apply for the content designer role on the Civil Service Jobs website.

Find out more

For more information on content design in government, view the GDS Blog.

Joanna Goodwin is delivery manager, business change, at the Office for National Statistics. You can connect with her at @joannagoodwin3

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