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I’ll soon be launching a brand-new comms2point0 eMag which replaces what was the old, official comms2point0 weekly email. Find out more here…

by Darren Caveney

Now you might already receive too many emails into your bursting inbox, right?

Some will be spam. Some will be yet more work. Some you can just simply delete without opening them.

But some of them are actually useful.

I’m hoping this one falls into the latter category.

It’s my brand new comms2point0 eMag.

Why you should sign up…

I have developed the new eMag because the world has moved on. And because I want it to be bursting with:

–  new content (unique to the eMag)

–  free give-aways and resources (and I have a belting new idea lined up…)

–  special offers

–  first dibs on new events, masterclasses and tickets

–  and much, much more

Plus, there’ll be no GDPR naughties and no shameless flogging of things. No fluff, guaranteed.

How often will I receive this new eMag thingy?

No, not all of the time, further clogging your inbox. I’ll only send it out when there are genuinely new and good things to share. So not quite once a week but at least once a month.

Something to look forward to.  Just like bank holidays, birthdays or a gift received in the post 😊

Sound useful?

You can sign up to my new eMag right here.

Darren Caveney is creator of comms2point0 and owner of creative communicators ltd


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