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A four-day week. Phew!

1. What goals were met?

This morning (Bank Holiday Friday) I submitted the final version of my first piece of written work for the Bevan Programme. I’m grateful for the detailed feedback of my learning set peers, who now have to decide whether it makes the grade.

2. What inspired me this week?

  • A good catch-up with David, the designer on the e-referrals service. He showed me a prototype he is working on, using the NHS.UK frontend, and we discussed the development of patterns and standards for systems used by professionals.
  • The enthusiasm of volunteers on our NHS Digital leadership programme, who are going to help improve our Digital Services Delivery profession’s communiation and support to people outside the profession.

3. What connections did I make?

  • An introductory chat with a colleague who is leaving soon, and handing over some work to me. I’m getting involved on an interim basis with the Building a digital reeady workforce programme.  It’s a topic I care about a lot, and I’m looking forward to working with people across the different organisations involved.

4. What capabilities did I build?

  • A call to learn more about the capabilities of the Pluralsight learning platform. How meta is that?

5. What do I need to take care of?

  • With performance reviews coming up, and a change to our line management model, I’m concerned to make sure that everyone has the right person doing their performance review, and that good objectives are set for the next 6 to 12 months.

Happy Easter!

Original source – Matt Edgar writes here

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