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by Kristian Hibberd

About a year ago I changed jobs. “So what?” you might say. “People change jobs all the time”. That’s true. But people don’t change sectors so frequently. So, I got to thinking about this as I made my own move. And I’m now looking for comms colleagues everywhere who are interested in doing the same.

There are two things I particularly love about working in comms:

(1)   you have the licence to work across the entire organisation and in all dimensions; and

(2)   since your core skills are transferrable, you have the opportunity to go wherever your curiosity takes you.

I began my comms career in the financial services sector before spending a number of years in government communications. I had a wonderful time working across a range of fascinating policy and delivery areas that make a difference to people’s lives. And I benefited hugely from being part of the Government Communications Service – a family, professional development body, thought leader in gold-standard marketing and communications, and much more.

So why look anywhere else?

The truth is, I wasn’t particularly looking to move. But I had been thinking that my next career step should involve more direct exposure to the commercial realities you find in business, where the impact of marketing and communications is felt directly on the bottom line.

Then I saw a role that was a blend of public service and commercial mindset. So I started weighing up what such a move might mean and the following picture emerged:

–  A genuinely fascinating job…

–   … in which I would work with the best minds in the world, taking on the great challenges of our time and changing the world for the better

–   …where I would help young people reach their potential, regardless of their background

–   …where there is almost infinite variety of subject matter, all in the service of a simple common purpose.

–   And, within all of this, the opportunity to pioneer marketing and communications best practice.

What’s not to like about that picture? But what does that picture represent?

For me, that picture said “university” and specifically Queen Mary University of London.

If you’ve not heard of Queen Mary, I wouldn’t hold it against you. It’s one of the UK’s top research-intensive universities and a member of the Russell Group. It is also fair to say that, in brand awareness terms, it currently punches below its weight. I use the word ‘currently’ here with huge emphasis. Because this was, in the end, the most attractive aspect of this role and the reason I took it on.

I’m sure someone famous must once have said “where there is challenge there is opportunity”. It sounds like great fodder for those websites offering inspirational quotes for all occasions. It is also one of the things that gets me out of bed in the morning. Finding and seizing the opportunity to make a positive difference is, for me, the route to job satisfaction; working with great people to achieve something for a cause you believe in, and taking away something for your CV in the process.

So, significantly improving the awareness and reputation of Queen Mary is now one of my challenges. To help me with this, I have a great team here and many fantastic colleagues across the university that make it a joy to come to work.

However, given the challenge and the scale of my ambition, I am making some big changes to the way we do communications here. And this is where you come in.

If any of the picture I’ve painted piques your curiosity, please drop me a line or visit www.qmul.ac.uk/marcomms-jobs.

Dr Kristian Hibberd is Assistant Director of Communications at Queen Mary University of London and you can contact him at k.hibberd@qmul.ac.uk and www.linkedin.com/in/kristianhibberd/

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