At dxw we are constantly striving for new and interesting ways to develop how we provide and support balance for our team.  Self- care, mindfulness, a sustainable work pace, and a healthy work-life balance all play an important role at dxw… As the company has grown, so have the needs of the team.  So it was decided a wellbeing week would give us the opportunity to bring the team together. The aim was to encourage trying new (or even just sharing our favourite) things that support general wellbeing

What we did

To get started, we held a planning session and invited the whole team. The initial concept of the wellbeing week was a combination of outsourced dxw funded events (such as a professional art class or posture clinic)

and  staff member hobbies or interests that they might want to share with others (such as photography or cooking).

During the session discussions, and taking into consideration different points of view, we decided to:

  • Extend the wellbeing week to two weeks to minimise the impact on client work and ensure that everyone would have the time to enjoy the events and activities.
  • Create a wellbeing calendar Allow everyone to create an event during the wellbeing fortnight (and thereafter) and add to the calendar.
  • Share these suggestions and allow the team to vote on which ones should take place.

So where are we now?

Team members have been adding events that they would like to run to the calendar over the past month. Examples are Singing with Vanessa and John, Dumpling making with Hilary, sketching with Agz, geocaching with Cristina. It’s looking to be a really exciting few weeks with all of these events being run by our creative and passionate team members.

What’s next?

Our wellbeing weeks start on Monday 3rd June with our first session being morning yoga. We are using an online app to make it available to all team members based in Leeds, London, or the States.  Keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates!

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