The early bird, it is said, gets the worm.

The early worm? It gets eaten.

Just a quick shout through the blog to let you know I’ve got early bird prices on two sets of workshops coming up that I think you’ll like.

I don’t normally post workshop details in the blog but you know what? What the heck.

There’s two sets of learning I’d like to tell you about.

Vital Facebook Skills

Facebook remains the absolute behemoth. If you’re a communicator in 2019 and you don’t know how to get the most out of this platform give your head a wobble. We’ll look at the algorithm and how you can create content that ticks the right boxes.

We’ll look at Facebook groups and we’ll look at how to get the most value for money from Facebook ads. 

I’m delivering this with the excellent Sarah Lay.  

vital facebook skills

Birmingham 21.10.19

Bond Company, Fazeley Street, Birmingham.

To book more here.



vital facebook skills

Exeter 24.10.19

Sandy Park, Sandy Park Way, Exeter

To book more here.


Essential Video Skills for Comms

I’ve loved delivering this these past five years. It has been a joy and a delight. 

Video has proved to be a changing feature of the landscape and its important as a communicator to know when and where to use it. The days of chucking five grand at a video have long gone but when you can shoot video with your phone, why would you?

We’ll look at how to plan, shoot, edit and post video with cutaways, titles, sub-titles, filters and logos.

I’m delivering this with the excellent Steven Davies.

real 35mm film or movie strip with empty frames or cells on yellow background with sunlightManchester 4.10.19

Edge Street, Manchester

To book more here.


real 35mm film or movie strip with empty frames or cells on yellow background with sunlightLondon 11.10.19

NCVO, Kings Cross

To book more here.


If those days work for you that’s great.

If you’d like to know about an in-house workshop drop me a note



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