I’m putting together the outline of a new digital strategy for my organisation.

Here’s what I’ve been reading to inform this:

My organisation’s overarching strategy
The most important of the lot. What the administration and leaders of my organisation want everyone to deliver, and what every strategy underneath it should be informed by.

The Local Digital Declaration
My organisation signed up to the commitments in the Declaration, this strategy will help us deliver them.

The Technology Code of Practice:
One of the commitments of the Local Digital Declaration is that where appropriate every new IT solution procured must operate according to the Code, this strategy will help us deliver that.

The Government Service Standard: 
One of the commitments of the Local Digital Declaration is each service we transform should be informally tested against the Standard to help teams to create and run great public services. This strategy will help us deliver that.

Other council strategies, for example Croydon’s
There are lots of good local government digital strategies already out there. Whilst they won’t all align with my organisation’s aims, it’s good to keep informed of what other councils are doing.

Technical guides, like Hackney’s API playbook
Technology is an enabler for digital. Keeping up to date an ever evolving world is vital.

Office of National Statistics and Ofcom reports, for example:
Statistics won’t give you a full picture, but they are useful in supporting a case to do something.

Reports published by the Private Sector organisations, such as Deloitte

So what have I missed from the list, what have you been reading to inform your digital strategy? Please let me know by adding a comment, or reply to the tweet below.

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