Pure battery EV sales in August, a slow month (because new registrations come out in September and, for some reason, we still like the prestige of a “new new” car rather than an “old new” car) showed amazing interesting increase, though market share is still only just over 1%. There’s a long way to go to match the hockey stick predictions … but lots of new models due over the next 18 months.

Diesel remains the new tobacco where owners are increasingly relegated to car parks out of town and houses at the far end of the street. We can call it Big Diesel. Like Big Tobacco. And Big Sugar.

Soon showrooms will relegate diesel go the outer lots and then only for special orders. What does this do to Land Rover? Will those in rural areas continue to buy diesel because traffic density is lower and pollution lower? What kind of 4×4 would it take to make the difference?

Original source – In The Eye Of The Storm

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