FGX Goals — making sure we deliver the FutureGov experience

This summer, we launched FutureGov Experience or FGX. FGX is how we focus on the experience of working with FutureGov. It’s our approach to looking after our clients and our employees throughout their journey with us and ensuring they can benefit from all that is great about FutureGov as we continue to grow.

FGX is all about us listening and understanding what the experience of working with us is really like, and being purposeful about that experience, so we can constantly be working on how we can have a bigger positive impact on the people and organisations we work with, the citizens they serve and ultimately the world.

Launching the FGX Goals

We know that what people love and value about working with FutureGov is difficult to articulate and impossible to codify. We can’t just create a load of processes, rules and protocols around how we do things. Every client and situation is different and the experience needs to be tailored to work for each situation. It’s the FutureGov people, their creativity, their personality and diversity that is truly valuable. So we have designed these goals to be focused enough to give clarity on what it’s about FG that is valuable but open enough to be interpreted and harnessed to build on people’s uniqueness and passion.

The goals describe what the experience of working with FutureGov should be and provide a clear target for us all to aim for in the work we do. Whether it’s working with our clients, recruiting our future talent, running our events or running our business operations, these goals describe what the FutureGov experience should be for our clients, our team and our partners.

The FGX Goals

How will the FGX goals be used?

We’ll use these goals to help us have conversations with our clients about the experience of working with us and how their experience lives up to the FGX goals. We’ve already started researching with some of our current clients and would like to thank them for their input into the FGX goals.

We’ve started making changes based on what we have heard. These changes include investing even more in how we set up and orientate teams before we officially kick off new projects, building our teams’ empathy around the challenges of being on the receiving end of change, and revisiting our rituals and rhythms to enable them to be tailored to client’s needs.

Beyond how these goals guide our working relationships, they will help structure our teams’ development and progression plans, ensuring that we’re all striving to contribute to FGX in everything we do. And we’ll use the goals day-to-day across the business to help us design and improve our employee and client experience.

What do you think?

For us, everything is a work in progress as we constantly strive for better (and as our goal ‘confidently incomplete’ acknowledges). These goals are in their third iteration, created with input from clients and the whole of the FutureGov team.

We know we’ll continue to develop and shape how we describe what the FGX goals and FutureGov experience should be. We’d love to receive your feedback on the goals and if you think these have or haven’t reflected your experience with FutureGov.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing more about what each of these individual goals means.

If you have any thoughts please get in touch with our Experience Director, Zoe Stanton.

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