There’s an election swinging into view so I’m writing this quick signposting blog to two useful resources.

Purdah is the period that governs what you can and can’t publish as a council officer.

The idea is that the comms team cannot be the mouthpiece of a politician running for election.

There’s two links I’m pointing to you towards. Firstly, the Local Government Association guidance and secondly, a blog I’ve posted about advice for social media.

The LGA advice you can find here.

This guidance provides advice on the publicity restrictions that should be observed during the purdah period. It should be read in conjunction with any guidance produced by your own returning officer or monitoring officer, which provides specific advice depending on your local circumstances.

The social media Purdah advice I’ve blogged is here.

There’s this funny period in the run-up to an election which sees local government comms team change behaviour.

Gone are the press releases from politicians and in comes quotes from officers. Why? To ensure that the council cannot be accused of political bias in the run up to polling day.

As ever, check against delivery and with your legal team.

Picture credit: istock.

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