• Ah. That Darkness Christmas song has gone away, finally.
  • On Saturday’s run I was passed by the Brownlee brothers, who I didn’t really recognise at first. It wasn’t the first time they’d passed me over the past few months; I’ve seen them along the canal a couple of times now, and learned they run along there a bit. Maybe we need to reclassify the canal towpath now though, to Olympic training level standard or something. Should suggest it to the Canal & River Trust or Bradford Council. Must be a plaque in it at least.
  • I do a lot of cooking but not usually snacks or cakes or stuff like that. I love flapjack so thought flapjack would be a good one to do every weekend. Assumption: It’s quick to make. A shout out on Twitter and I’ve three recipe suggestions to test: numbers 1, 2, and 3. Blimey that’s a lot of sugar move-away-from-diabetes-me whispered, so a spreadsheet was useful to compare the recipes’ make-up. Baked number 1 anyway. Quick to mix the ingredients together, 15 minutes to bake, done. The assumption was proven. They were delicious, very mellow. Number 2 this coming weekend.
  • I’ve been trying to finish some things I started. Watched the bulk of The Dawn Wall (currently on Netflix in the UK), which seemed more a study on mental health than climbing. Excellent viewing and if you don’t know the story beforehand makes for a couple of twists you possibly wouldn’t expect.
  • Watched a video about doing a 100 mile running week. I mean that sounds a lot of running. Even 100km in a week sounds a lot. Still though, thinking when I could have a go…
  • Saw JoJo Rabbit. I gave it 6 out of 10 on the way out. I’ve been thinking on it afterwards (which is rare for a film these days), and think it’s more an 8. There’s a moment towards the end which I am not sure if it was a laugh or not. As a laugh it was very very very dark. Just seemed a misstep, jarringly. Some of the shot framing is very precise, all centre lines, right angles. When the shot has diagonals it stands out.
  • As part of don’t listen to quite as many podcasts I’ve had the Beastie Boys Book audiobook playing. And it is just great. The book is great too, but this is another way of telling the story. I’d recommend you read the book and listen to this. Just so gosh darn entertaining.
  • Completely surprised by the reaction to my Running in 2019 piece. A few public shares, but some lovely chats off the back of it and I’ve been asked if I can do a talk about running, something I have never talked exclusively about. Thank you to everyone who has read it and been in touch. Feedback is a thing I rarely get but still like to get, even if it’s shit work.
  • I had a late-planned catch up with a mate. A good three hours chatting, batting stuff back and forth, working stuff through, and having a sensible sized meal. It’s healthy. The chat that is, not just the size of the meal, not something I did much of the last couple of years. Coming into this year being very focused on do this and don’t do that means having more of those chats is good. Regular reviews, working stuff through is good.
  • Also had loads of really good chats with people a lot more further afield too. Slack messages, video chats, Twitter direct messages, text messages, emails, all played a part. It’s good to talk stuff through.
  • Another week, another cold call about a service design opportunity. Another cold call another wonder about whether to “scale the business”. But then remember been in the looked after four-to-sixty people wondering at the start of the month if there’ll be money in the bank to pay them all in four weeks’ time situation for too many years — and why I freelance alone these days. Also easy to slip into basically being a recruiter that skims a percentage and never want to be that. It is about the practise and the practice. But also I know when my current contract runs out and… gotta keep an open mind about stuff.
  • Nine full days into 2020 and I am 40 kilometres into that 2000 kilometres target. Not a great week either. Had a three night stopover in Newcastle and didn’t do quite as much as I liked. Hoping an lighter running week means my legs are a little more settled so I can get my head down now and push towards the 170 kilometres for the month. A good 20km over the weekend will feel good.
  • Just realised it’s Bradford Coder Dojo next weekend. Do bring your kid(s) along if you live nearby and want to let them have some time coding. It’s free and people coming along and getting something from more than makes up for the time we give to running them.

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