A quick reminder and a bravo to those of you creating important content on social media in these difficult times.

Try ever so hard not to just screenshot text and post it as a picture.

If you are doing that you’re unwittingly missing out a chunk of the population. Around 350,000 people in the UK are blind or partially sighted and some of your info will be badly needed.

The issue was flagged-up by the lovely people behind the newly-launched @covidaccess Twitter account who are asking people to adjust what they are doing. In this tweet they set out their purpose.


An example of what good looks like

Heading to the excellent Public  Health England Twitter this tweet is an example of something that hits the mark.


It’s good because there’s text in the video so its easy to follow, there’s text in the post and a link.

A handy resource

If you’re looking to create an accessible image the nice Helpful Technology people have blogged some tips you can follow here.


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