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Not all comms jobs are equal.

by Darren Caveney

An old boss of mine said to me many, many moons ago:

“You’re only ever as good as the product.”

“Ultimately, your comms and marketing will always get found out if your product isn’t very good.”

It’s one of those lines which has stuck with me my whole career.

For ‘product’ you could also read:

–   Service

–   Organisation

–   People

–   Leaders


You’re only as good as your service

You’re only as good as your people

You’re only as good as your leaders

I’ve been thinking about that advice these past few days.

Reflecting on the comms people trying their very best with products, services, people and leaders that aren’t very good.

And that ultimately you always get found out.

It is incredibly difficult to manage comms in these situations. Compromising even, for some.

If that’s you, the comms community feels your pain and sends our best thoughts to you.

Darren Caveney is creator of comms2point0, owner of creative communicators ltd and a co-organiser of Comms Unplugged

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