Facebook has been in the news of late with big brands announcing they’re suspending advertising with the platform.

The reason for with holding ad money is a perception that Mark Zuckerburg’s company has been seen to be tardy in cracking down on hate speech.

Starbucks, Microsoft, Adidas and North Face are amongst a list of global names who have have suspend their corporate spend.

So what does this mean for public sector comms?

UK public sector spending on Facebook is so tiny the debate is partly academic. Even if it acted as a sector the noise it would make would be tiny

Should it suspend advertising on the platform?

That’s a question for comms people looking to give advice. I’ve not heard of anyone from the public sector suspend advertising on Facebook.

Sure, there’s things to be unhappy about as far as it comes to Facebook. Some commentators have warned of the platform’s corrosive effect on democracy.

But for me, this is audience driven. If the audience is there advertise to them. If they’ve gone elsewhere go elsewhere.

For the most part, the audience of corporate public sector pages are women aged 35 to 55. I’m not convinced they are backing the cancel Facebook campaign.

But the underlying lesson is that nothing is permanent. For Facebook’s apparent dominance there are plenty of other media companies who have enjoyed then squandered a position of dominance.

Until there is a better way of sharing cat videos then Facebook is likely to be around for a while.

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