How’s your hair doing?

  • The fruit bushes in the garden are bearing well at the moment, lots of loganberries. Cutting the bushes back and training it over a frame three months back has paid off with the best harvest in years.
  • Thursday had a long lunch to listen in to Let’s Talk Service Design organised by the Co-op Digital design gang. So good to spend time with some other service designers, see and hear how others are getting on, and catch up with some familiar faces. Interesting to see how different orgs are approaching service designing, where they are at, going, and how. Also always interesting to see how agencies are approaching it. You can take the person out of the agency, but you cannot take agencies out of the person. Made me think a little more about do I want to keep floating about as a freelancer, build up “my own thing”, go work for an agency, or go work for an “in-house” team.
  • Attending that came a few days of tapping something out over breakfast about why service design or a service designer. I got it down and out to move on to some other thought framing and in the middle of a couple of follow up pieces on framing your need for service design and what a service designer does.
  • Had a really good session with a team working on NHS Jobs, working through some design work, how they are going to do some research off the back of it, and the what and why of that research. You know when a team just seem so into what they are doing, so sharing, passing ideas and thoughts back and forth? Healthy team culture.
  • ~Read~ listened to Good To Go It’s a great read (and there’s also some good video chats with the author Christie Aschwanden around the internet worth looking up), but the TL;DR get sleep: It’s The Healer. As someone who does “recovery runs” interesting floating of the code oaf recovery as a noun versus recovery as a verb.
  • Managed to run 70 kilometres last week and trying again this week. (As I am only getting round to publishing this on Sunday, I know I managed this.) Stiff legs towards the end of the week, but being out on the fields on Friday night for an exploratory run as the sun was low with clear skies was glorious. A bit of running every day was just the thing though.

Time for the television equivalent of 3D chess, the third season of Dark.

Original source – Simon Wilson

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