• I have had some unexpected but welcome thinking this week. I was reminded I try to work as openly as possible. Why haven’t I been? I had a look through my guiding principles for work. I’ll give them a dust over and share them. Maybe publishing quick end-of-week notes again will help.
  • I found half an hour to finish building a Lego City set that had been lurking lurking in the shed for the last few months. I’m not the biggest fan of the seemingly default design workshop Let’s Break Out The Lego! approach, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Lego. I’ve a lot of the City stuff in the shed… I like the time away, to myself to build a set. Anyway, was reminded just how excellent the building instructions are for Lego sets. Something in this for all fans and dissers of documentation.
  • Hancock mentioning “world class” again is starting to get on my whick. What even does that mean? Standards, ones that uphold the idea of something – especially a public service – being good enough for all who use and will use the service I am all for. But the Cvoid-19 service (or services even) just need to work, to work well.
  • I started wearing a FreeStyle Libre sensor this week. More in my latest diabetes note.
  • I am looking forward to running again this weekend. I was trying to run 70km this week. The last couple of days paused that. I am at the 30km point. I was enjoying a run early in the morning and a run at the end of the day. Two 5km jaunts. One woke me up. The other helped me wind down. Felt good on the legs too. See what I can do tomorrow and Sunday.
  • The boy has followed up learning Python by asking for an Arduino. I caved in quite easily and got him him one. The starter kit from Pimoroni is pretty neat. I got myself some kit to use one of the older Pis as a weather station, feed the data from the shed into the wider world. I resisted getting a Picade kit.
  • Took in some more of Luke Cage season two. Some of its best scenes are less about the muscular action but the pains of recollection. I don’t mind it is spread over 13 epsiodes. Having 13 episodes allows you to write those scenes. Go along for the journey, not to get to the destination.
  • Made sure for we were tidied up and sat down in the lounge for 8pm so we could watch a film. Managed it not just once, but twice. Saw Booksmart (on Amazon Prine Video at the mo) and afterwards was why oh why didn’t I make the effort to see it at the cinema. So so good. The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchie’s return to gangster land, is OK. An Arsenal game provides an unexpected pivotal plot point. Good reference to The Conversation. Lots of C-bombs. Surprised the boy thought it was good. Wonder what the kids will make of Lock, Stock… and Snatch now… (Any other parents do that Oh, they’ve watched the most recent film by this director, I’ll make sure they go further back into their catalogue… thing?)
  • Listening to Chaos Monkeys at the mo. There’s a bit when they first go into Y-Combinator Jessica Livingston gets a mention, and reminded me it’s a good ten summers since I read Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days. One of those business books, but at the time opened my eyes more to the things that went and go wrong with businesses as much as things that went and they did “right”. Less about looking good, PR hue; More about keeping it real. Also reminded a lot of business problems, maybe most business problems, when they are not cashflow problems are people problems.
  • I spent a lot of time looking through the Black History and Culture part of Google’s Arts & Culture. Didn’t feel I got anywhere near the end either, which is good. More to take in.
  • Sweet post on behaviour modes from the Co-op Digital team.
  • Still cannot get past what feels like the first boss in Control. Feel I am close to doing what kids do: Watch a walkthrough video on YouTube.
  • Reminder: I need to take some time out to do an virutal gallery or museum or something tour.
  • It’s the time of year the scent of elderflower hangs in the air. Enjoy it while it’s there.

Original source – Simon Wilson

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