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Well when your week begins with a retweet from the great James O’Brien it had peaked very early. But actually the day got even better with of all things a Zoom call…

by Darren Caveney

When lockdown kicked in I set up camp for the medium haul (little did I know if would be the long haul) As a one man band I thought it would be useful to have regular chats with some fellow consultant pals. And I also wanted to get some new ones involved too so that we could support and inspire one another during what would be some quieter months ahead.

I set up a Zoom group of consultants and freelancers and 35 joined up. You never know who will show each call but there is a hardcore of 12-15 every week.

We have met online and chatted every Monday lunchtime since Lockdown began. The group has been supportive, obvs. Also enlightening – I think we have all learned from each other on the calls.

But most of all the calls have been great fun. This week we covered:

  • wall paint colours (we went deep into the detail)

  • the classic TV show, Through the Keyhole (the original with David Frost) with random panellists including Nina Myskow and Andy Gray

  • haircuts and forthcoming appointments (this is a standing item)

  • the importance of a working fridge (you had to be there)

  • 50 shades of grey (ooh err)

  • the latest No. 10 Covid comms ‘artwork’

It was very funny and, as Paul Masterman said, a highlight of the working week.

It’s been a fascinating 14 week glimpse into the lives of people coping with some highs and lows through Covid with honesty in a safe and trusted space.

But I noticed something else today

To be honest, it’s been tough times for most on the group for the past four months, with work being cancelled or paused and none of us qualify for government grants (have your ears been burning, Rishi?) Some set up their businesses just this year. One on the actual day we went into lockdown.

Today’s chat was, however, packed with good news:

–         a new job secured

–         a book deal bagged

–         new work returning

–         increasing requests for quotes coming in

–         two new kittens and a new puppy (aw)

It was a genuine feel good moment as person after person had good news to share today.

My learning?

We have inadvertently set up a brilliant virtual collective of like-minded individuals here and one where relationships are flourishing. We’ll no doubt recommend each other for work in the future, as demand returns to previous levels. We’ll work together too.

We’re also going to write some crowd-sourced thought pieces. The group has plenty of opinions.

Oh and we’re having an office Christmas party seeing as we often miss out on these now.

It’s amazing what a quick tweet on @comms2point0 can lead to.

Thanks to everyone involved for being cool company these past four months.

Darren Caveney is creator of comms2point0 and owner of creative communicators ltd

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