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Would your colleagues benefit from a new training resource on digital presentation skills? A new training workshop has been created on how to make the most of the booming video platforms market in the UK.

by Darren Caveney

Come on, be honest – had you even heard of Zoom six months ago, never mind used it? No, me neither.

But now, it – along with many other platforms – has transformed the way we engage, collaborate, discuss and present, both in our working and personal lives.

Which is fine if you’re competent and confident using video platforms.

Of course, not everyone is.

The Local Government Association (LGA) in talking to its members realised there was a knowledge gap for many elected members in using Zooms, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype and the other platforms vying for our patronage right now.

Elected members are being asked to deliver media interviews, residents Q&As, surgeries and just straightforward meetings on channels many are still uncomfortable with.

Once on these platforms there is a whole knack to understanding the other elements which are so easy to get wrong in terms of digital presentation – from sound quality and lighting, to wifi problems and clear content.

So, the LGA asked me to support them in creating a brand new resource to simplify these issues and to give practical advice on digital presentation skills and how to tell your organisational story effectively.

Are video platforms really that popular?

In a word – yes.

Question: Do you know how many registered Zoom users there are in the UK now?*

The training webinar gives tips and advice on being clear on your remit, your key messages and your calls to action.

It also includes the reminder that these platforms are two-way so use them to listen and take on board feedback.

Who is the training aimed at?

Whilst the training is aimed at elected members most if it is transferable and could be used by other colleagues from across the sectors struggling with getting to grips with working via video.

The LGA has been delivering some excellent and timely resources throughout Covid and I’m hopeful this new training video adds more value to their offer.

You can view it here:


*And learn the answer to the number of Zoom users in the UK – you’ll be surprised

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