There are a huge number of work reflections from this year of years. But there’s an overriding one which stands out for me. And that’s the future of our comms people.

by Darren Caveney

Well I won’t lie. I’m never one to wish time away but I’ll be glad to see the back of 2020. Which is a record-breaker in the analls of stating the bleeding obvious. But it is nevertheless very true.

I’ve talked many times about the things I’m grateful for this year. Some of them I probably took a little for granted before the wretched Covid hit. And I remain very  grateful, fortunate and healthy. My friends and loved ones have made it through so far too.

But here’s the thing. We don’t fully know all of the impacts and issues which may be being stored up as a result of the past year. So we all need to keep a watching brief on this one, and especially look out for the signs of mental health and wellbeing issues.

That should be the number one corporate priority of every organisation in 2021. Just putting that out there.

Some of our comms people are shattered. They’ll crash and burn at home soon when they at last get (everything crossed) a little bit of time off.

Having had the chance to work with many of them in 2020,  and seeing their efforts at close quarters, their relentless delivery has been genuinely astonishing.

  • They’ve worked incalculable hours

  • Delivered unlimited messages and content

  • Responded to never-ending last minute announcements

  • Been asked to work out of hours to the point that there is no longer such a thing as out of hours

  • They’ve turned around communication, many times in the face of confusion and disorganisation

  • They have coped with uncertainty

  • They’ve engaged and ensured that the vulnerable in our communities are safeguarded

  • They’ve found solutions

  • They’ve remained creative

  • They’ve worked their arses off.


And you know what – I didn’t hear them complain. They got on with the job and put it – on a very regular basis – before themselves and their own families.

When the dust settles a little – and who knows when that will really be – and the UK looks to repair and rebuild I have a strong message.

No, not a message – a demand:

Don’t you dare cut these teams to balance the books which will undoubtedly be in a mess.

These communications professionals stepped up and never once let you down.

You’ll cut these teams in the future at your peril. Do so and trust and confidence in you will be gone forever.

Of course, I may be preaching to the converted in this small corner of the world. So this is a message which needs to be shared upwards, sidewards, downwards. Every which way.

Your communications people were the glue which held things together.

Don’t ever forget that.

Darren Caveney is creator of comms2point0 and owner of specialist consultancy Creative Communicators Ltd

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