We know that in a change to the Facebook algorithm that ‘inspirational’ posts will be rewarded.

But what exactly will that look like?

Until it lands, we won’t be entirely sure but I’ve got to thinking about what they could posssibly look like.

But what we do know is that Facebook will add a pop-up to ask if you feel this post inspires you. Those that do will be rewarded with more views.

Okay in theory but what will that look like?

I’m going to take a punt and say that dry public sector updates about committee meetings is nobody’s idea of ‘inspirational.’

But aside from that here’s a quick look at things that may cut the mustard and those that may not.

Remember, this is speculation but if you look after a Facebook page and you want people to see your content you are going to have to try that bit harder.

The full on inspirational quote update

Here you go.

‘Climb success mountain.’

There are pages that specialise in the inspirational saying. Surely, they’ll get rewarded? This approach is certainly worth trying. But I can’t help but thinking this is too close to the kind of clickbait that Facebook shed itself of in 2018.

Also, the NHS Trust trying to reverse out of a local problem by inviting people to ‘grow strong towards the sun’ is asking for trouble. But text to re-inforce an inspirational story may be worth taking a look at.

Inspirational rating: between 3 and 8.

The inspirational TV story with real people post

St Georges NHS Trust have played a staring role on a TV show and of course they’re making the most of that online. It’s pure cute with a bit of drama thrown in with subtitles too.

While this is likely to lead the field not everyone has a TV production company and babies to call upon.

Inspirational rating: 9

The inspirational story with real people

Closer to home, this awards for young people round-up is excellent.

Young people from the area have friends and family on Facebook who are poised to share the heck out of the post. If anything, I’d be tempted to post them one at a time as part of a series to get maximum inspire.

Inspirational rating: 8

The inspirational call to action video

Everyone remembers the London 2012 games makers those volunteers who helped make the event a success.

Birmingham is playing host to the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and are looking to repeat the trick recruiting volunteers.

This video asks you to do a great thing.

Inspirational rating: 8

The remembering an inspiring figure post

When Captain Tom Moore died there was a real feeling of loss and a life well lived.

This 100-year-old fundraiser raised millions of pounds for NHS charities and inspired Britain in the first lockdown.

The England and Wales Cricket Board was amongst many to tap into this well of respect when he passed away.

Inspirational rating: 6

The good news at a time of unhappiness post

Here’s one from UK Government.

This tells the ‘herculean’ story of delivering vaccine to the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn.

This remnant of Empire is 18 square miles of land to the west of New Zealand where less than 50 people live. This post is a straight link to The Sun newspaper who have covered the account of the three week trip.

While on the face of it iut is inspirational, if you look closely at the comments you’ll see disgruntled British people who have moved abroad complain that they haven’t had vaccine from Britain. So, a good tale it may be but it won’t deflect people who have a complaint.

Inspirational score: 6.5

The not very inspiring update post

I’ll be honest, I’ve picked this to show you because Redlands Council are a very long away away.

It’s a message to say that the public can return to council meetings. I’m sure they have far better content and I’m just as sure that this is a box-ticking exercise.

Be honest, how much of your Facebook page is filled with this kind of worthiness?


Not really.

Inspirational rating: 2


There will be changes and if you are a Facebook admin you will need to be more careful about what you post.

Posting stuff just for the sake of it has never worked and I’m going to suggest that this is an opportunity to reboot your content policy.

It also points in the direction that fewer more quality posts is the way forward.

It would also suggest that real people doing extraordinary things are the way forward. The good news is that all organisations have these people and have them as residents, members or customers.

Those in the team who can extract and tell stories from people being well placed. The former journalist if they are sharp would be excellent at this.

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