I was in the Rec this morning and all the dandelions are out in FULL FORCE. One of the best times of the year. Also means all the knot- and bind-weed will be out on the veg patch. One of the worst times of the year.

Last weekend I made a fence. And I do mean the weekend. I ended up watching the first Sunday NBA game as I did the last screwing. I planned it a couple of months back (loosely), ordered some materials which took a while to come, used the weekend before last to see how some of the materials knitted together, tweaked the plans a little, ordered some more bites and bobs and then spent the whole weekend making the fence. Which also meant tweaking the plans as I worked through the making (getting the length of fence alongside the shed took a little experimenting but was fine once I had a method that worked). But I planned for that so it’s all fine. All the way through I was enjoying it — because it’s nice to realise things you design — but also aware I was doing because it was well within my skills: I’ve done fences a bit over the years. (The back-up career, no doubt.) I think this is the first time I’ve considered the materials for a fence a lot deeper though, digging into types of wood, treatment and thickness. I would have happily paid someone else to do it all, but I had the skills, knowledge, time, money, knowing suppliers — and the urge. Satisfaction unlocked.

The Fence had me thinking a bit about all those should designers code? discussions that break out on Twitter, like a bout of athlete’s foot. They’re all too simple. Too sweeping one situation suits all from some dear thought leaders, there are multiple meanings to code in designing (I started to think about coding when you doing research analysis for one). But anyway. Not for here. (Or Twitter. I mute that shit.)

Had the last Signature Lo-fi beer, stashed in the shed. Criminally a) I saw Sarah D post about it on the ‘gram, b) I bought some, c) despite already having about 20 cans/bottles of other low alc beers. Good beer though. Was tempted to buy some more but want to run my stocks down some more first. But Drummond is now officially a Thought Leader in my books.

Not read many blog posts this week, but got through Mark’s post on products, starting from Kanye’s trainers. Worth a read.

Related (sustainable products): Have the web page for Saucony Jazz Court RFGs lurking in a tab. Must resist. Must.

Finished The Falcon and the Winter Soldier at last. Thumbs up all round.

Watched the Shang-Chi trailer a few times, half for the comment someone left Asian Parents Expectations 100% on point.

Got drawn into Animal Planet videos of things like (look away now) a man who has a barnacle growing inside his hand. I advise you don’t start. I wasted an hour of my life in that wormhole. Absolutely fearful bind-/knot-weed fluid on my hands will see the stuff spouting out of my hands and arms like Swamp Thing.

Not a lot to say about Basecamp. Yes, feel for the employees, but it’s a company. Owners gonna own.

Yes, I know Town got relegated. I was sat on my bike watching it as it happened. Related: My port stocks are now super low. Fact: Port is popular in England especially due to a trade embargo on French wine in something like the 17th/18th century.

Wrote a run note about the last four-or-so months of running lyf. It’s always good to be out and about, but nice to be doing it with a bit more pace. It’s definitely not been bad having to maintain a walking pace the last few months: I’ve spotted things I would have just run past before, a couple of paths off to places. Slowing down isn’t the worst thing you can do.

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