If you are looking to make sense of TikTok then the European Championships of 2020 are a perfect time to do it.

Aside from being one of the event sponsors the platform is also a hub of creativity.

One of the ways you can be creative is to use a particular licensed track. Adding a hashtag to it means your video can be thrown into a huge pool of videos all with the same hashtag.

If you liked one then you can binge watch as many as you like.

Buoyed by England beating Germany the morning after I downloaded a dozen different videos with the same track and hashtag to show you.

There’s a TikTok from England player Jack Grealish using match action footage, a gardening project, family watching the game and celebrating, an old folk’s home, jubilant friends, a fan park, a female supporter, a baby and an American girlfriend recording her boyfriend as he watched the game.

Dig in.

A few words about the concept of singing ‘Football is Coming Home’.

When Stoke fans sing ‘We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen’ they’re dreaming.

When England fans sing the Baddiel & Skinner song they’re generally doing the same.

Yes, there are of course idiots.

Hope that clears that up.

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