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I haven’t written a weeknote in what feels like a very long time. I’ve missed it and gone to start a few but the time hasn’t been right. Writing these clears my head and helps me move forward. The gap where I haven’t written anything has felt weird.

In the meantime, I’ve been working hard on getting a new job. I’ve really focussed on applying and failing. A topic probably worth a blog post all of its own. Other people have already made a good account of this process in an objective, self-reflecting way without coming across as sour. So, I’ll leave it for now by saying it was gruelling. Eventually, I was offered a job at The National Archives as a product manager.

The security check and other HR bits have stretched out the silence gap even more. It’s odd not talking to colleagues, odd not having a date to leave and odd letting go of old tensions, thoughts and tasks. I think it would have helped me to talk and write about it at the time but it’s done now.

After that, I went on holiday, back to Scotland to see my family. The run-up to that was very stressful requiring a real rush to complete handover work and mitigate risks. I didn’t check any work communications while away and I finally gained perspective. On holiday, explaining to family about my new job wasn’t any easier. No, it’s not IT support. Yes, the new job is in archives.

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I’m back at London Councils for another week. Most of the risks I documented have been dodged, not all though. Projects I’m involved in are still in flight and there’s been a temporary person recruited to cover. Unfortunately I might have to have some difficult conversations right up until my last day, for various reasons. I’m resigned to that, pun intended.

I start my new job in early September and I’m excited about meeting new people. I’ve worked through some tough problems in local government and found amazing people at all levels. Working in a role that demanded I lead with few resources and little support meant I felt trapped at times. The learning will do me well in a PM role that may also be a little lonely at times. Or something.

I’ll especially miss working with Courtney who’s grown to be a pal and ally in difficult times, Emma and Ian have always been friendly faces, and all of the LocalGov Drupal crew who provided the encouragement I couldn’t get elsewhere. A special mention must go to Dan who’s simply been the easiest guy to work with for years. Finally a shout to Will who basically empowered me to do better, selflessly. There’s guilt here that I’m leaving something great in LocalGov Drupal just as it’s really taking off but joy in the realisation that it will be self-sustaining soon.

On to the next thing.

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August 19, 2021 at 11:56PM

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