Weeknotes S03E09


A short week before my holiday — two weeks of no screen time (hopefully) and being close to the beach with my loves and a stack of books is oh so very nearly here.


I did another coaching session this week with a coachee who I am really enjoying working with. We spent a chunk of time talking about feedback in the session. After our session this thread came up on my twitter feed which was timely but also resonated with me so much, so I’m sharing the whole thing here:

More direct feedback please — can we normalise it and make it part of how we operate?

I had an interesting chat with another colleague about feedback this week where we were discussing how frustrating it can be to have feedback that does not describe the impact of a behaviour, for example, because what are you supposed to do with that? If someone is essentially saying ‘It’s just the way you are that stresses me out’ for example, it’s very difficult to do something to change that. Sometimes we have to tolerate certain behaviours and aspects of people that we know we cannot change unless we can help them understand the impact they’re having. It was timely in many ways but left me thinking more and more about it. Am I becoming obsessed? My weeknotes would suggest so.

Holiday prep

I’m heading off for two weeks of annual leave after today and I’m buzzing about it. I really can’t wait for a break, just me and my husband and our dog near the coast. In preparation for this, I wanted to make sure everything was in hand so as usual, I started my handover notes at the start of the week to be on top of everything.

What’s different about this holiday is that I now have three leads in place for the first time ever! This means I can relax a little more and know everything is in hand because they are all excellent at what they do (no pressure gang). I’ve got quite the busy week when I get back, so I am spending a lot of today prepping everything I can possibly think of so I can hit the ground running when I am back.

Lab cover

My lovely colleague and friend Kate, who heads up our innovation lab team, was recently off work and I covered some of her work while she was off. One of our operation teams are running a firebreak in September and we are looking at ways we can help out through co-designing sessions with them and possible facilitating sessions so their whole teams can participate.

This has made me think about how I can get a little closer to some of our work now I have my leads in place and might have some capacity to do so (he says optimistically) when I’m back. I really enjoyed working with colleagues to understand what they’re trying to achieve and exploring ways we can help. It can sometimes feel like I don’t know where I am adding value at times, but moving that conversation on felt good and it feels like we have left things in a good place for this planning to continue and I’m excited to see where we land with it when I am back.

More leave

I booked some more leave for October this week, finally braving the potential anxiety inducing trip to Barcelona to see one of my best friends who’s got married AND had a baby since I last saw her before the pandemic hit. I’m feeling calmer about it after chatting to Bea about her experience flying to and from Barcelona recently and what’s involved, but I still bet I’ll be a mess when it comes to going.

Last weekend

My sister and niece visited and we had such a lovely weekend of fun times including shopping, theatre, lots of eating out and generally chatting and catching up. We also visited The Million Pound heist escape room from the lovely folks at Enigma Quests — it was most excellent and if you’re looking for a good one to go to, I can highly recommend!

Music wise, I rediscovered this song earlier this week — Grace Jones singing Tomorrow from Annie. It’s utterly wild but absolutely works for me.

It’s from Grace’s debut album Portfolio which is worth a listen!

That’s quite enough for me — hoping to be spending lots of time here for two weeks.

Bon bank holiday weekend and beyond to you!

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