Rejoice people, rejoice… Facebook is looking at ways to let you be an admin of a page without linking your personal account.

Facebook’s terms and conditions have long insisted that you link your personal profile to the back end of the page you are an admin of.

It’s a way that Facebook can keep tabs on who is being an admin and cut down on fake accounts spamming or spreading misinformation.

However, one of the results of this is that people who set up ‘work’ accounts to admin a page risk losing access entirely to an established page when – not if – Facebook’s algorithm spots them and deletes the false profile.

I’ve had more than a few conversations with a distraught comms person who thought that running a profile called ‘Council Comms’ or ‘John Smith Work’ was harmless and has had the profiler deleted and wiuth it access to a page.

But wait.

Help is at hand.

Will Lodge, comms manager at Tendring Council, has spotted that Facebook are trialling ways for people to access a page without linking their own profile.

In a blog post here it seems as though Facebook are trialling this tool which could be widely available in 2022.

According to the site:

We know you hate having to give access to personal accounts in order to run your business, and undoubtedly as you grow more and more people will need access to the platforms you trade and advertise on. Now, Facebook will offer access to business products with separate credentials from their personal Facebook account. September, 2021

Hunting round there’s not too much on this announcement.

But there is a page on the Facebook business site that’s empty but ready for an update on work accounts.

But the blurb on Google shows that something is afoot.

The text reads:

Facebook Work Accounts are a way for business employees to access Business Manager and Business Console without using their personal Facebook accounts.

What’s likely to happen is that if Facebook go ahead with this it’ll get rolled out over a period of time. There’ll be some frustrations I’m sure with those at the end of the queue.

If the predictions are accurate and its 12-months before the change takes place it’s worth maintaining the line that linking a personal profile is still the way to go. Long term this may change.

When there’s more on this I’ll blog it.

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