Weeknotes s03e30


TL;DR: Very little in my life apart from Winter Modelling.

[week ending 03/09/2021]

Who did you talk to outside of your organisation? I had a chat with Jon from the University of Northampton to talk about opportunities for us as a large employer in the area to work more closely together — including student placements and contributing to the curriculum in some way. Plenty of scope to do some interesting stuff that should benefit our organisations and the students. Later in the week I had a quick call with someone from University of Leicester, who will be putting me in touch with the right person to have a similar conversation with that organisation.

What would you have liked to do more of? The What Good Looks Like framework came out this week, but as yet I’ve not managed to give it more than a cursory look. However, I was involved in the some of the early work creating it, so do expect to see a lot that looks familiar. I did read Roy Lilley’s less than favourable summary of it, which felt a bit unfair.

What did you enjoy? Like last week, this week was dominated by more Winter Modelling work, where we refined the model some more and as the week went on, we turned more of the presentation deck from holding slides to real content.

What did you achieve? The group digital senior leadership team had a session to continue discussing the Group Digital Strategy KPIs and managed to define a few more and work out how to start measuring them. This is tough stuff and it takes a lot of energy and focus to keep going when you’re presented with a massive list with loads of unknowns, but the team did a great job and we finally got through them all as a first pass. There’s still a few that need definition, but another step forward.

I finally managed to review a Contract Change Notice (CCN) sent to me by one of our suppliers that had been reviewed by Emma. She’d done a great job of picking out the areas for my attention, and I was able to formulate a response for the supplier.

I managed to make some progress on a job description that I’ve been tinkering with on and off for some weeks. Think it is finally ready to share with HR colleagues for comment. I did a first draft of the job advert at the same time. Felt great to get that one moved across the kanban board.

What are you looking forward to next week?

  • Talking about the blessed winter modelling at our Group workshop
  • Group Digital Hospital Committee — with deep dives into Cyber Security and Cloud Migration
  • Coaching session
  • Follow on workshop with digital leadership team about how we work closer across the group

Interesting Stuff read/consumed:

Books finished this week:

Currently Reading:

  • Non-Fiction: The 3D Leader by Terrence Mauri.
  • Fiction: None, but it will be Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce. Got to finish this for Monday night’s bookclub. As always, I’ve only left myself a few hours to read this. This time my fault not Mrs C.

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