Normally, I take a dim view of YouTube clips more than three or four minutes… and this one is 19 minutes.

Despite it being far longer than the optimum YouTube length the video works really well.

Really, it’s more of a Facebook Live. It’s a chat between two people about an issue and 20 minutes is the right length for a live video.

In a nutshell, the first black firefighter with South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Trevor Bernard who has just retired talks with a firefighter Aayon with three years service.

It’s also a very honest chat for Black History Month.

The world doesn’t smell of paint.

Trevor is clearly proud of his service but doesn’t shirk the fact that he felt he had to work twice as hard to prove himself. There were people against black firefighters when he started, he says.

The more recent recruit also says that he grew up never seeing a black firefighter.

There’s elements in here that could be seen as tricky.

Some people from the Afro Caribbean community won’t join uniformed services on principle, one of them says.

This is why it’s good human comms… it’s honest.

From a delivery point of view, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue score brownie points by uploading a 16-minute clip to Facebook, upload ther same length clip to YouTube and a 19-second taster for Twitter.

Bravo, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

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