3 things I learned this week – volume 27

A snap round-up of a week in the wonderful world of comms.

by Darren Caveney

1. We need space

I’ve been on the road these past three weeks and have been lucky enough to spend time with three talented comms teams.

There was a lot to observe and learn in each session, and what is clear is that the demands being placed upon comms teams hasn’t diminished.

That’s a real worry.

Two of the biggest issues I found were: 1. The high number of meetings still being put into diaries, and 2. The barriers of remote working to the creative process

Now we all work differently and prefer certain settings and times to do our best work. But if you’ve just come off the back of six consecutive video meetings the chances of you coming up with the creative goods are at best slim.

What I have also heard is teams struggling with the isolation of homeworking in terms of coming up with great creative ideas together. Video meetings and their tech are brilliant. But more time spent in small groups in coffee shops, parks or a team members lounge might be needed if tired teams are going to be able to create stand-out comms.

My learning?

In Bruce Daisley’s most recent email he used this line which I think captures things perfectly:

“The truth about creativity is that it tends to thrive only when we create space for it”

We all need to create that space.


2. Red light, green light

Like millions of others I decided to give Squid Games a watch. No spoilers, I’m on episode 5.

I loved the Korean film Parasite so if you liked the humour in that you’ll almost certainly like Squid Games. It’s dark, quirky and clever – like a way better version of the Hunger Games – where financially disadvantaged contestants play children’s games with the lure of big bucks for the winners, but deadly consequences for the losers.

My learning?

It’s engrossing. And brilliant storytelling. But don’t watch the dubbed version, watch it with the subtitles. Always.


3. Trump, Brexit and Facebook: A trio of tut

So we learned this week that Donald Trump is launching his own social media platform – TRUTH Social. A touch ironic.

A Festival of Brexit is taking place. 52% of the country will celebrate that. I imagine they’ll be queues.

And Facebook’s plan to escape the mire it’s in is to give itself a new name. Oh.

My learning?

Leonard Rossiter’s peerless Rigsby from Rising Damp coined a phrase the springs to mind here:

“Stop the world, I want to get off!”

Stay safe, all x

Darren Caveney is creator and owner of comms2point0 and creative communicators ltd

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