The COP26 conference has been billed as the last drink in the last chance saloon for climate change.

World leaders have gathered in Glasgow to discuss ways to keep the damage to a minimum.

The US mission has used the opportunity for soft power. To charm the locals. Not the British locals but the Scottish locals.

It’s a well trodden path on TikTok and YouTube for people to film their reactions trying different food. This American trying British candy here has 3.7 million views, for example.

So, for diplomats to try this in a Twitter video is inspired.

It’s especially inspired because Scottish food contains some gems that are at home on the menu of a Michelin starred restaurant and some that Rab C. Nesbitt would be at home eating on a street corner.

There’s also the curve ball of Haggis. Yes, it involves sheeps innards.

Yes, they get told seconds before they put it in their mouth.

Take a look.

As with all reaction videos, the reactions make it.

Irn Bru?

“That’s quite something.”

Cullen Skink?

“Cullen Skunk?”

“I could eat that all day long.”


“Sheep heart, lungs and liver? You probably shouldn’t sell it with that.”

Magnificently self deprocating and human.

If they held COP27 in Stoke-on-Trent I expect the same only with bacon oatcakes and pikelets.

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