Friday 10 December 2021 – 10:30
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Having introduced a legally binding target to achieve net zero by 2050 and with the Environment Act – designed to enforce UK environmental standards – now on the statute book, the UK government is proud of its green achievements. But does the UK’s post-Brexit independent trade policy live up to its domestic environmental commitments?

Earlier this year the UK agreed to omit references to temperature goals committed to in the Paris Agreement in order to secure a free trade agreement with Australia – an agreement which, on the government’s own analysis, will result in increased use of scarce natural resources and increased waste. So does the UK need to do more to position its environmental goals at the heart of its trade policy or would this hinder the UK’s ability to strike deals across the globe? Can trade policy help deliver positive gains for the environment? And should the UK government set out an over-arching trade policy to bring consistency and coherence to its trade deals?

To answer these questions, and to explore what goals UK trade policy is – or ought to be – serving, the Institute for Government is delighted to bring together an expert panel including:

Chris Southworth, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce

Dmitry Grouzoubinski, Executive Director, Geneva Trade Platform

Anna Sands, Trade Policy Specialist at WWF UK

Final panellist to be confirmed



We would like to thank WWF UK for supporting this event.


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Friday 10 December 2021 – 11:30
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Friday, December 10, 2021 – 10:30

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