Well, we’re not there yet but we soon will be…. Christmas is coming.

Prior to the pandemic, the focus was on what present to buy and how much turkey you can eat.

In 2020, it was all about bubbles. In 2021, it’s all about shortages.

So, with that in mind, here’s some Christmas present ideas for comms and PR people almost two years into COVID-19.

Thanks to everyone on the Public Sector Comsm Headspace for the crowdsourced ideas.

‘Meetings That Could Have Been Emails’ – notebook

For those meetings / Zoom / Teams calls that didn’t have to happen this note taking media node is essential.

WTF Notebooks £9.59 plus postage

Channel 4’s social media policy – t-shirt.

The words ‘don’t be a d**k’ were famously one broadcaster’s entire social media policy. It’s great advice.

‘I work in social media everyday I wake up and choose chaos’ – mug

For the social media manager or page admin in your life. Thousand yard stare while drinking your coffee.

Social Media Tea £10.22 + postage

‘Whatever, I’m Still Fabulous’ – notebook

For the meeting when you need to take a book that reminds you it’s not YOU, it’s definitely THEM.

Flamingo Candles £10 + postage

‘Yet Despite the Look On My Face You’re Still Talking’ – mug

Deliver that passive aggressive rejoinder while simultaneously a sip of coffee. Marvellous.

Amazon £8.99 plus postage

‘Please Wait Here Until You Are Useful’ – poster

A poster to brighten your office workspace summer house loft conversion telephone table.

Redbubble £10.02 + postage.

‘The Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Make Us Human, and How to Tell Them Better’ – book by Will Storr

A really good book to improve a key element of your comms skill.

Amazon £8.99 + postage

‘Sort This Nonsense Out’ sticky notes

Perfect devices for leaving a message to yourself or others.

Penny Black – £3 plus postage

‘Greetings from Effing Birds’ – 100 tear-out postcards

“What could be better than than 100 line drawn postcards of birds saying what we’re all thinking at work, but are too polite to say out loud. I heartily recommend.”

Amazon £11.99 + postage

‘Panic as Man Burns Crumpets: The Vanishing World of the Local Journalist’ – book by Roger Lytollis

This book is an essential read for anyone who remembers newspapers as they were (i.e. with staff and readers).

‘The Gift of Not Giving a Single f***’ – pin badge

Deliver your attitude through a lapel badge. Limited edition.

Veronica Dearly – £7.95 + postage

Personalised Facemask

I wonder if you could ask someone to stand in for you with one of these? Just a thought.

Printster £3.99 + postage

‘In The Loop’ – film DVD

Because I will never not include this on a Christmas round-up for PR people.

Amazon DVD £3 + postage

Retro sweet selection

Say: ‘keep going, team’ more than this collection of e-numbers and sugar.

Prezzybox £12.99 + postage

‘Do the F*cking Work: Lowbrow Advice for High-Level Creativity’ – book

I have this on my desk right now. Have you?

Amazon £15.72 + postage

Video Conferencing Blunder Can – set of six

In effect a swear jar for ‘Sorry, I was on mute moments.’

Etsy – £7.99 + postage

Set of six inspiring message pencils

Fab comms tips like ‘Know Your its from your it’s’ as graphite message takers.

Not on the High Street £6

Personalised message ink stamp kit plus ink stamp

Imagine the fun you can have as you make up the text to go on your hand stamp kit. ‘Great work!’, maybe. Or ‘Another set of fine notes to keep’.

Etsy £15.50 + postage

‘Thanks for putting up with my shit’ – chocolate

What better way a clear ‘thanks mate / colleague / boss’ than with this chocolate with a message?

Firebox £9.99 + postage

Grammar Police – guessing game

Just because it’s the holidays their’s no reason that your grammar pedantry need’s to stop.

Amazon – £9.95

Letraset typographic transfers

Back in the days before desk top ink jet printers you were left with two choices. Handwriting or letraset. Relive the 1970s with these transfer letters.

£5.95 + postage

Ideas Meeting tea towel

“Don’t just think about it, say it!”

“F**k off.”

Shop Modern Toss £12 + postage

‘There’s Literally Nobody I Don’t Hate Right Now’ – t-shirt

Wear it with pride.

Redbubble £15.91 + postage

‘F**k This S**t’ enamel badge

For extra direction in life.

Chiswick Gift Company £7 + postage

Thank you

Thank you to contributors who came up with ideas including Debbie Goodland, Ever Hart, Sara Aida Ospino Martinez, Joanne Atkinson Terry, Susan Haigh, Leanne Hughes, Keziah Leary, Jo Walters, Heather Marriott, Anna Hinde, Amy Flo Rutland, Rosalie Fairbairn, Katie Christie, Sasha Watson, Jane Slavin and Hannah Collins.

Original source – The Dan Slee Blog » LOCAL SOCIAL: Is it time for a Local localgovcamp?

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