December for me for the past 8 years has meant the UnAwards – a seasonal day of joy to reflect on the brilliant work of a community.

by Darren Caveney

The Guest Post of the Year Ceremony, which took place online today, really was a beautiful gathering. A chance to talk to friends and colleagues about the work and experiences which sparked their shortlisted blog posts.

The shortlist

Getting the inside track on this is always fascinating to me as I love to hear how work gets created – what sparked the idea, how it developed and how it ended.

All nine of the shortlisted posts showed tremendous insight, leadership and, in some cases, courage.

I’ve always promoted the benefits of writing and sharing blog posts. Putting yourself out there almost always generates benefits, some of them unexpected. Many of the blog post authors talked about this during the ceremony.

The public gets what the public wants (sometimes)

As always with the UnAwards the comms community votes – this year 1k votes were received. Thank you if that was you.

You selected the top three and the winner.

The top 3

In third place:

The brilliant Eva Duffy

‘Lone doesn’t mean alone: 5 top tips for solo comms professionals’

In second place:

The multi-talented Louisa Dean

 ‘What’s harder than being a head of comms? Being two heads of comms’

And the WINNER of Best Guest Post of the Year 2021 is:

From the dynamic duo of Jude Tipper and Andrew Kirby for

‘How to create key messages and a strategic narrative’

Well done, Team.

This is a record-breaking 4th consecutive win for Jude, taking her past Emma Rodgers’ triple win.

Thank you all and to everyone who wrote a guest post this year.

If you would like to write a guest post in 2022 please message me.

The full blown UnAwards will return in 2022, by the way, more here soon. 🖤

Darren Caveney is creator and owner of comms2point0 and creative communicators ltd

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