Dealing with Facebook comments is not a new issue but dealing with it well can lead to a round of applause.

Step fiorward Northamptonshire Police, whose online comms I’ve followed for a while.

In a court story on the banning order of a football supporter found guilty of homophobic.

So far so straightforward.

Enter Facebook user ‘Gary’ who puts his own views forward criticising the court decision.

Of copurse, the decision making for the admin is how to react.

Let’s look at the options.

Leave it.

Hide it or delete it.

Challenge it.

They decide to challenge it.

The resoponse is more than 300 likes in less than a quarter of an hour.

It’s fair to say that the internet is not on Gary’s side this morning.

The police also have the advantage of support from other users to challenge Gery’s world view.

Of course, its worth keeping tabs on to stop things from getting out of hand. But broadly, the approach here works well.

Bravo, Northants Police.

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