Monday 28 February 2022 – 13:30
This is a live online event. Please do not travel to the Institute.

The future of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland remains uncertain, a year after it came fully into force. The arrangements continue to be a major source of tension in the post-Brexit UK-EU relationship and within Northern Ireland, with the first minister citing the DUP’s objections to the Protocol for his recent resignation. The ongoing uncertainty around the Protocol is having a real impact on business and society. And with the May 2022 elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly approaching and a question mark over Stormont’s future, the UK and the EU are under pressure to reach agreement on the future of the Protocol.

What lessons are there from the Protocol’s first year? Why does the Protocol continue to be a source of tension in the UK-EU relationship and such a divisive issue in Northern Ireland? Are attitudes changing? Where are the sticking points, and where is the Protocol working well? What challenges are coming down the track and where can compromise be found?

Set against the results of new polling from Queen’s University Belfast, this event will explore what people in Northern Ireland think of the Protocol, the challenges that the UK and the EU face in managing the Protocol and its consequences in the long term, and how people from Northern Ireland can be involved in the effective governance of the Protocol’s implementation.


  • Professor Katy Hayward, Professor of Political Sociology, Queen’s University Belfast and Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe
  • Professor David Phinnemore, Professor of European Politics, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Raoul Ruparel, Former special advisor to Theresa May on Europe
  • Jess Sargeant, Senior Researcher, Institute for Government

This event will be chaired by Jill Rutter, Senior Fellow, Institute for Government


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Monday 28 February 2022 – 14:30
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Monday, February 28, 2022 – 13:30

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