I’ve blogged in the past about the need for human content as well as calls to action.

If all you do is badger, harangue and nag people then don’t be surprised if they stop listening to you.

I’ve long thought that the Paretto Principle, a balance of 80 to 20, is ideal for a healthy social media channel.

The first social media manager at Asda has spoken about getting this balance right too and avoiding ‘diarrhea’.

It’s one of the reasons why I love Niall Walsh’s post on running a successful local government TikTok strategy. It talks about jabs and punches. The routine punch and then the big booming call to action. It’s a mix.

What does 80 content look like?

The human, interesting and engaging content can be found widely on the internet.

Looking through my timeline, as aI scroll I see @thisisrangerkeith the environmental educator from, Tennessee with a TikTok on whether or not birds talk to each other in the wild. Spoiler: yes, they do. In winter they often forrage for different things in the same spot.

On Instagram, there’s a colourful pic of Chinese New Year from Manchester City Council.

On Instagram, the police dogs of Police Scotland.

On LinkedIn, it’s a post by Laura Wiffen celebrating her seven years since being an apprentice at Braintree District Council.

In other words

In short, 80 per cent cent content is stuff not asking me to sign-up for things you really want me to.

Give me some fun stuff and I’ll stick around.

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