Hello, this is a first post about our new research project looking at how councillors can make a difference when it comes to adult social care in England.

Adult social care has never been as important as it is today. A new white paper has set out the government’s 10 year vision and while councils have a central role, councillors are perhaps less visible in the policy conversations.

Our view, and the reason for the research, is that councillors have the potential to make a big difference in this area.

Councils have a range of choices to make when it comes to adult social care. This means that councillors in leadership roles will be instrumental in deciding the best path for their council to take. Providing strategic support, working in partnerships and making the right budget decisions are also challenges that sit with councillors in leadership roles.

Councillors in scrutiny roles can also make a difference. By providing informed challenge they can help ensure that the right decisions are made. By keeping in touch with communities they can ensure that things are working as they should.

In their frontline roles, through advocacy and case work, councillors can provide support for people who receive care services or might be eligible. They can also help signpost and join-up services in their communities.

What we know less about, is the actual detail of how councillors might make a difference in their different roles. More than this, what might be helpful for councillors so that they can make the biggest difference?

Through the research we aim to develop new forms of support and additional resources that will prove useful to councillors in all of their roles.

So, over the next two years or so I’ll be updating on our progress here and sharing anything that might be helpful.

Dave Mckenna
Research Fellow – Councillors and Care Project

Original source – 21st Century Public Servant

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