Inspired by the genius comic, Stewart Lee, I’ve decided to keep a record of all of my TV, film and cinema viewing throughout 2022. Plus, I will write a micro review for each one and list where I watched it.

by Darren Caveney

If you’re like me you’re always on the hunt for a quality watch in and amongst some very average fayre.

So, these recs and ratings might be useful to you.

Here goes for April – fewer reviews this month indicates to me how busy I’ve been with work.


The Beast – La Belva (Netflix)

Ex-special forces captain, Leonide Riva, is forced out of retirement when his young daughter is kidnapped by child traffickers. You’ve heard and seen the storyline before. But some Italian style and a decent soundtrack lift it above the usual offering 6/10

47 metres down (iPlayer)

Jaws this ain’t. Desperately poor tale of a killer shark attacking a group of college students. I fell to sleep 20 minutes in and that was the best thing about this movie. Avoid 2/10.


Anatomy of a scandal (Netflix)

Glossy but watchable with lots of inuendo aimed at our current political classes 6/10


Jimmy Saville – A British Horror Story (Netflix)

We now know the story but seeing the detail and the victim testimony laid out bare is truly shocking. I don’t really like the title of the documentary because Saville was a monster and that is how he should be described. I won’t give this one a rating. But ask me should I watch it and I would say yes.

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