This month’s brand, spanking new TikTok webinar was a real blast and packed with tips, learning, insights and practical advice. But don’t believe me, look at the testimonials below.

And now there’s a new free webinar you might like…

by Darren Caveney

There was a tonne of learning for me too – I felt like I learned more in those six hours than I had done in a very long time.

My overriding feeling was that the session absolutely underlined what I’ve been saying about social media in my own ‘Supercharged’ training sessions these past seven years: That we need to be bold, be brave, be creative, have a plan and invest the time.

The other thing I was taken by was the enthusiasm in the room and the whole TikTok dynamic, when compared against the sometimes jaded experiences we can have with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It feels like the opportunity I last saw back in 2008/09 when I first started dabbling with Twitter.

Of course, it always come back to having a smart plan – and set of clear objectives – and seeing if the platform can support our wider strategies.

But, for me, allowing some time to innovate and experiment is one of the hallmarks of all good comms people and teams on the journey to excellence.

So, what next?

Well, two things.

First, we’re offering up a free one-hour taster webinar to get to know us as well as get a flavour of the content in the full workshop. It’s also an opportunity to get your head around TikTok if you’re currently unsure.

Secondly, we’re going to hit the road and deliver the full ‘in person’ workshop. Either with your in-house team or to look at the opportunities to hold a session or two in a town, city or county near you this summer.

If you’re interested in the taster event you can sign up HERE. It will take place at 12noon on 13 July.

And if you’re interested in taking in part in the full workshop – IRL – drop us an email HERE and we’ll assess the interest levels and see which preferred locations emerge.

What others said…

The session was so good, what a lovely bunch of people to step out of your comfort zone with. I felt so enthused and informed.

I don’t want to be dramatic but I honestly think it’s one “career defining” courses you go on that has the real potential to just accelerate your work and creativity.

Oli was fab, ideal trainer on a topic like this, clearly knows his stuff but it so happy to talk in a simple way to those of us just trying to get our head round the basics.

I’ve raved about the training to anyone who’ll listen and I’m training the rest of our team on it in a week – coming to your #FYP soon  – ha!

Thanks so much for putting on


Communications Officer


I had a great day and thought the session was pitched at just the right level (for me!)

As much as I hated seeing and hearing myself, the practical session was really helpful too. The venue was in a great location, especially for a non-driver like me.

Lovely to meet you.


Communications Assistant


I am new, small business, and I have to say my knowledge, skills and understanding of the potential of TIKTOK were limited.  What I found following this course was I am far more prepared in terms of using the app technically, but also, I am inspired at the potential of this platform in developing my business through engaging communications.  It really opened my eyes to what TikTok is and capable of.  Oil was such a great presenter, and has such a great knowledge of the platform, but also he shared his wealth of experience in creating quality, engaging TikToks and examples of how it can be used successfully.

It was great to talk to other course members and share ideas too.  

Thank you comms2point0.


Small business owner


I just want to say how much I enjoyed the course. I had approached it thinking that it might not be for us to use but I came away inspired – especially after looking at some of the examples that Oli talked us through. Oli clearly had lots of knowledge and experience in this area and as a complete novice in the area of TikTok, I came away feeling pretty confident that I can now put together a plan of how we could start to use this in our place marketing.


Place campaigns officer

Darren Caveney is creator and owner of comms2point0 and Creative Communicators Ltd

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