One of the powerful things about video is how it can shine a light on the authentic.

If you really mean something it comes over and if you don’t that impression is painted too.

Here are two videos that paint this picture well.

Video 1: Ruben Neves

The first is Wolves player Ruben Neves who is recording a farewell video after signing for a Saudi Arabian club. He’s clearly emotional.

It’s the video of someone who really feels it.

Wolves are not my team. Far from it. As a Stoke City fan growing up in Stafford they were the enemy and still are. But I get the emotion in the voice. You don’t have to like football to get it.

As a supporter, I know that he’s cemented a place in his club’s folklore in what he did on the pitch and the way he left. That’s a rare thing.


As a piece of filmmaking, it’s well put together. The opening shot is an identifying shot of the empty chair that works in tandem with the text ‘A message from…’. We cut to the emotional shot almost as a teaser. We cut back to the beginning of the statement. We know what’s coming and the video doesn’t disappoint.

There’s also cutaways to the good times such as a goal he scores. The strength of a cutaway is that you see it and you hear it. It’s doubly reinforced as well as being visually interesting.

It’s also on the Wolves club account so the club have also endorsed this message.

Video 2: Mason Mount

Compare this now to Mason Mount who controversially moved from Chelsea to Manchester United. It’s a video on his own instagram. There’s less polish. There must be sincerity there but it doesn’t come through.

As one person comments, it has the look of a hostage video.

It would also be wrong to try and force emotion. Fake tears are fake.

Maybe that’s because someone is not as comfortable in front of the camera and that’s okay. If that’s the case don’t put them in front of the camera.

When Neves left Wolves it feels like the end of a chapter and he’s going somewhere far away. When Mount leaves Chelsea to bitter rivals it feels like a betrayal to many fans.

A written statement would have been better.

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