Inspired by the genius comic, Stewart Lee, I’ve decided to keep a record of all of my TV, film and cinema viewing throughout 2022. Plus, I will write a micro review for each one and list where I watched it.

by Darren Caveney

If you’re like me you’re always on the hunt for a quality watch in and amongst some very average fayre.

So, these recs and ratings might be useful to you.

Here goes for June (and yes I do watch a fair bit. I’m really good at TV! 😄)


Exit Plan (Amazon)

Max, an insurance salesman with in inoperable brain tumour, discovers Hotel Aurora which specialises in assisted suicides. After checking in Max changes his mind, but leaving proves difficult. The type of quirky movie that the Scandinavians turn out so well 7/10  

Midnight in the sawgrass (Netflix)

What on earth was Bruce Willis thinking here? So bad it hooks you in to see if he could save it. He couldn’t. 4.5/10 Then I read about Bruce’s serious illness and it left me feeling really sad for him. So let’s give it an 8.


Sherwood (iPlayer)

Brilliant writing, cast and performance. And, with so many absolute ‘of the moment topics’ covered off here – from how strikes were used to cause division amongst the working class, through to police spies planted in communities and red wall constituencies turning blue. Whilst I may despair at the BBC’s news output and lack of calling out nonsense interviewees, some of their TV is simply superb. 8/10

Ozark – Episode 4, Part 2 (Netflix)

The final season of this gem of a show. Laura Linney and Jason Bateman are just fabulous as scheming grifters manipulating everyone around them and playing the FBI off against a deadly Mexican drug cartel. And a word for Julia Garner too as Ruth – so, so good. This one finished at just the right time I think. I’ll miss it  8/10


Top Gun Maverik

I hadn’t planned to go and see the follow-up to the 80s smash but found myself watching it one Saturday afternoon. Despite it being the most cheesy movie since, well, the original Top Gun, I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. As a stand alone film it’s a 6/10 but if you saw the original back in the 80s the nostalgia and retro references are undeniably fun. And at one point I swear there was just a tiny bit of moistness in my eye. Who’d have thought! 7.5/10


Party’s Over

I managed to bag tickets to the live recording of two episodes of Radio 4’s sitcom – Party’s Over – starring Miles Jupp, playing the failed and shortest reigning UK prime minister, Henry Tobin. And great fun it was 7/10

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